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The Wellep Bit is a new concept in bitting and has been universally acclaimed as a major step forward in bitting and in the updating of a piece of equestrian equipment that until now has had very little scientific attention paid to it, though one of the most sensitive parts of the horse is its mouth, a part of its body that has, in the past, been much abused. Even today many a horse has developed a hard mouth through the wrong type and size of bit being used and through the bit being ill-fitting, mainly due to the design. The Wellep Bit is not cosmetic, it is different because the whole question of bitting has been closely studied with the aid of modern up-to-date facilities resulting in a scientific product. It has been described as magical, this it is not. But these reported quotes we believe are true of the Wellep Bit:

  Fantastic design - Best of its kind on the market. The actual concept of the bit is fantastic - It's one of the best mouth pieces ever made - It works.

It is a product of high technology engineering manufactured from high grade surgical stainless steel and is cast in the same way as surgical instruments.

The mouthpiece is connected to the cheek plates by very strong ball and socket joints which allow the cheek plates to take up the natural alignment with the horse's face. This is one of the most important features of the Bit, which remains in a constant attitude resulting in more comfort for the horse and better control for the rider.

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Wellep Bit Section Diagram
Section Diagram of the Wellep Bit


The bridle head and rein fastenings are completely independent of each other. The Bit has properties similar to a hanging cheek snaffle, in that it is suspended in the mouth rather than resting on the tongue or bars. This enables the Bit to be fitted slightly higher than normal, thereby discouraging the horse from placing its tongue over the mouthpiece.


Reins are attached not to the cheek plates but to "rings" at each end of a nylon covered multi-core stainless steel cable which in normal use will withstand a pull in excess of 1,000 lb, more than five times the strength of a rein in good condition.

Widely used

The Wellep Bit is the first truly new design of bit since the snaffle was introduced as far back as 400 BC. The Wellep Bit is now widely acclaimed, by use in schooling, show jumping, eventing etc., by a broad spectrum of the equestrian world.

Fail-Safe Safety

Since its launch in 1985, when it won various product awards, the Wellep Bit has undergone continued field trails and laboratory tests. It now features a built-in fail safe device. The manufacturers believe that the Wellep Bit is not only the most efficient bit on the market, with regard to horse control, but also offers the best in terms of safety for the rider.


The cable which passes through the mouthpiece forms a continuous loop with the reins from one hand to the other. The slightest movement of one hand is transmitted via the loop to the other hand thus giving sensitive feel and control.

Fitting the Wellep Bit

The Wellep Bit can be fitted to any normal snaffle/single bridle.

Mouth measurement is the same as for a normal straight bat bit (i.e. from the inside of one cheek plate to the inside of the other cheek plate) as the joints of the Wellep Bit are designed to avoid the acute angle associated with jointed snaffles. Having measured the mouth for accurate fit place the bridle on the horse in the normal way. Raise or lower the bit until it rests as high as possible without causing undue wrinkling at the corners of the horses mouth.

A cavesson nose band is normally all that is required with a Wellep Bit, but a Drop, Grackle or Flash nose band may be used, except in the case of the cheek straight bar bit.

If a running martingale is used, follow the correct practice for any kind of bit, it is most important that rein stops are fitted and used.

Care and Maintenance

As with any other bit, the Wellep Bit should be cleaned after use, paying special attention to the ball socket joints. The bit should be inspected regularly, and if any sign of wear is found it should be returned to your supplier for inspection and repair if necessary. Do not try to make any alterations to the bit yourself.

Wellep Bit Sizes

The measurement for a Wellep Bit is the same as for a normal bit as the joints on the Wellep Bit are designed to remove the acute angle associated with conventional single and double jointed bits, and also to prevent bruising to the roof of the horse's mouth.

When the mouthpiece is held parallel with the cheek plates at right angles, the distance between the cheek plates is the size.

Standard sizes are 4" (12cm), 5" (12.7cm), 5" (14cm). Other sizes and bar thicknesses may be specially ordered.

"Good design makes for firm efficient control but still remaining humane"

  • Ball joints make for noise free movement and total flexibility
  • Central ball joint for smooth/safe movement
  • Ball jointed cheek plates adopt the exact contours of the horse's face.
  • Independent bridle and rein fixings make for precise fitting and control.
  • Due to the ball jointed cheek plates and the independent bridle fixings the bar always assumes and remains in a constant attitude in the horse's mouth.
  • Less likelihood of the horse being able to get its tongue over the mouthpiece, because of the more exact and permanent location of the bit in the horse's mouth.
  • Kind to the horse due to precise fitting, and thus resulting in greater efficiency.
  • The first precision engineered bit
  • The Lever Action Wellep Bit acts on the poll of the horse's head, as the fulcrum point is the bar of the bit and the cheek plates are able to rotate on their individual ball joint. Thus pressure is applied via the bridle, yet without disturbing the attitude of the bar of the bit in the horse's mouth which remains constant, unlike other lever bits or gags.
  • Due to the bit always remaining in a constant attitude, better control of the horse is obtained. All commands reach the horse in a constant manner and he becomes accustomed to regular and uniform commands.
  • Can be used with all existing types of bridles, reins and nose bands, though the latter is frequently found unnecessary, Since the bit takes up a better and therefore more comfortable position in the horse's mouth the need for extras such as the Grackle, Drop, Flash, or other types of nose band seldom arises, as horses resist the bit less
  • The reins when connected with the "rings" of the bit (by means of the cable) join together to form a continuous loop. Thus the slightest movement of one hand, is transmitted via the loop, and is felt by the other hand giving total sensitivity, and positive control.
  • Since the reins are attached to a free floating cable the risk of the bit being pulled through/into the horse's mouth is greatly reduced.
  • Any pressure/pull of the rein is transmitted (via the cable which passes through the bit) applying pressure to the opposite cheek, thus encouraging the horse to turn.
  • Due to the design and the exact fitting of the bit a much more precise size of bit can be selected with the result that the horse has in its mouth a much more comfortable bit, which in its turn makes for exact and better control.
  • Due to the design (depending on the model) of the central ball joint an equal pull on the reins forces the bar/bit to take on a straight attitude, unlike conventional snaffles which in such instances merely bend further trapping/squeezing the corners of the mouth, known as the "nut cracker" action. This straightening action greatly enhances thee effectiveness of the bit.
  • Prevents bruising to the roof of the horse's mouth.
  • Made in top grade stainless steel - ANC4 - ANC21
  • The sawing action of riders, as associated with conventional snaffle bits, is greatly eliminated due to the free floating cable which passes through the entire internal length of the mouthpiece, which greatly increases rider sensitivity.
  • Eliminates bruising to sides and bars of the mouth due to large area of contact by the cheek plates.
  • Precise fitting encourages horses to maintain a steadier head carriage
  • All mouthpieces, except for the Dr Bristol and French snaffle, are able to rotate in the horse's mouth, thus enhancing salivation.

THE BITS - Click here to see the full range of Wellep bits

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