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A Western Style Saddle Tree with The Wellep Adjustable Horn
MODEL: 093/100


This system was designed in order that the type of tree used in western style riding saddles could be made adjustable, thereby accommodating the large variety of confirmations found in the different breeds of horses using this type of saddle (tree).

Until now trees for the western type of saddle are produced in only one wither width and the difference in animal size, in relation to the saddle, is corrected by the use of one or more saddle pads or blankets.

This adjustable system in no way compromises the existing tree design and is easy and simple to use, bearing in mind, the fact that the saddles in which the trees are found are used for steer roping and the horn must be able to sustain a pull of at least 2000lbs.

The tree of a saddle is the foundation onto which the leather of the saddle is secured and can be likened to the chassis of a motor car. The tree sits on the back of the horse and the weight of the rider is spread over the back of the animal through the tree with particular attention being paid to the avoidance of weight being applied to the spinal column of the animal and this is achieved by the gullet channel which runs from the front (pommel) to the back (cantle) of the tree.

The rear portion of the tree sits on the horse while the front has small "points" which wrap/surround the front part of the horse known as the withers. It is these parts (the points) of the saddle tree that locate the saddle on the horse and help to prevent the saddle from rotating or slipping from side to side.

The width of the withers is also the part of the horse that varies most and from breed to breed as well as varying due to age, physical condition and diet.

It is therefore this part of the tree, the front arch and points, which should be and are now adjustable and thereby fitting the withers (shoulders) of each individual horse.

A conventional western tree moulded in a composite plastic material is the basis of the design. In order to economise/utilise and due to the fact that the tree style was correct apart from its inability to fit different breeds properly the system was designed to be incorporated and used in conjunction with this design of tree.

The adjustment is carried out by turning the horn, one complete rotation makes a small increase or reduction in size (the width between the two points of the tree) and this rotation is continued until the desired fitting is achieved. Accidental rotation of the cap head is prevented by the incorporation of a positive lock. In order to make an adjustment the lock button must be depressed at the same time as a rotation is made.

The width of the points on conventional trees is approximately 12" and it is believed that this would suffice as being the widest position required. Therefore the system is designed to close the tree to approximately 9" from point to point. This movement of adjustment can be varied depending on models.

The design has taken into account the different types of horn which can vary depending on which discipline the saddle is designed to satisfy, i.e. calf roping or team roping. Generally speaking the former requires an upright and shorter horn while the latter requires a slightly forward leaning and longer horn as well as the differences in size of the cap/horn head which can also vary.

The adjustment system is a unit which can either be inserted or moulded into the tree.  

The unit can be installed in the tree moulding at various angles thus accommodating the various styles. The cap/horn heads are interchangeable and various types are available i.e. longer or shorter and with different diameter heads.

Production units of the adjustment system are produced in two types of materials, namely composite fibre and or stainless steel. The horn body can be produced by high pressure injection moulding and in a high tensile fibre material or stainless steel.

The adjustment screw/thread unit and the arms left and right are produced by means of investment casting and in stainless steel. The head of the unit is made of a composite fibre material bonded to the screw assembly. All pins and screws are made of stainless steel.

Wellep Western Tree showing Adjustable Horn 01 Wellep Western Tree showing Adjustable Horn 03 Wellep Western Tree showing Adjustable Horn 04 Wellep Western Tree showing Adjustable Horn 05
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