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The ultimate possible protection of the horse's limbs during transportation.

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Limbuffs have been scientifically designed and developed with solely the welfare of the horse's in mind. They are constructed from the most modern materials available for the purpose of their design - the ultimate possible protection of the horse's limbs during transportation. They have undergone exhaustive world wide field tests by among others, the private and professional horse owner, the veterinary profession, the event rider and finally the professional horse transporter, before being offered on the open market.

  • Due to their design and the material from which they are constructed they will protect the horse's limbs in most travelling situations and particularly prevent the three most common injuries caused during transportation

  • Damage to knee due to severe braking.

  • Damage to the bulbs of the heels and the coronary band due to treading during violent cornering.

  • Damage to the hocks due to sudden acceleration.

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Limbuffs are constructed by the bonding together of three different types of material.

The outer layer of the Limbuffs are made from a fine nylon netting which has been coated in a PVC layer. This combination results in a material that is practically indestructible, that does not rip or tear even when partially cut, is unaffected by water or dampness, impervious to fading or staining and unaffected by any humanly tolerable heat variation. Though this material contains all these qualities, it still maintains a remarkable suppleness, thereby taking in the contours of the limbs it is protecting, yet because when on the animal it takes a cylindrical shape the problem of "concertinaing" or "rolling down" the leg will not occur. Due to their strength and the fact that their outer surface is smooth and therefore friction free, a blow from another hoof invariably becomes a glancing blow thus minimising the possibility of a nasty injury.

The middle layer of the Limbuffs comprises of a thickness of high impact non- absorbing synthetic foam and due to its make up is able to breathe. This layer is securely bonded to the outer and inner layers of fabrics and is therefore unable to move and cause lumps and rolls.

The inner layer of the Limbuffs is made of a synthetic man made fur fabric which again is non-absorbing and therefore will not maintain wet and dampness against the animal's limbs, yet due to its weave and construction still allows the horse's leg to breathe by promoting the air circulation and thereby prevents sweating, hastens drying of damp limbs and consequently minimises discomfort and health hazards.

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With Limbuffs - and only with Limbuffs - you gain:

  • Complete hock protection

  • Complete hock protection

  • Complete kneecap protection

  • Complete cannon and shannon bone protection

  • Complete fetlock protection

  • Complete pastern protection

  • Complete coronary band protection

  • Complete heel protection

  • Complete hoof wall protection

  • Etc . . . all in one


  • Limbuffs flexibility guarantees absolute freedom of joints

  • Materials used and design avoids friction caused sores

  • Facilitates drying of wet limbs and promotes warmth and circulation

  • No damage possible due to incompetent application, such as is associated with over-tight bandages

  • Easy maintenance - completely washable

  • All this at an amazingly competitive price

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The one stage fitting of Limbuffs is normally completed in under one minute and offers a more comprehensive protection than combinations of: knee caps, hock boots, gamgee, bandages and even overreach boots and at a fraction of the cost, plus the time and effort generally involved in this necessary but laborious task

Limbuffs, when applied, should only be tightened sufficiently to prevent slipping. Further tightening though not injuring the animal, will defeat one of the objects of the product, i.e. the promotion of air circulation.

As will already be realized support bandages may be used in conjunction with Limbuffs

It will be found that the easiest method for applying Limbuffs is to first fasten them loosely on the animal starting from the top straps. When all the straps are in place one may then adjust them individually to the right degree of tightness.

The front pair are made left and right handed with four fasteners on the outside of the leg. The protection is from above the knee, where they are fastened with a velcro® strap and incorporating a knee pad, down to the front and the bulbs of the heels at the back. Therefore the coronary band is completely encircled by the Limbuffs and is completely protected. It is flared over the hoof.

The rear pair are made left and right handed with three fastenings on the outside of the leg. Protection starts above the hock, and, due to the construction and material, there is no strap above the hock joint. The Limbuffs also incorporate extra padding for the point of the hock, then continue down to the hoof, and protect the bulbs of the heels at the back, and with a flare in the front for the hooves, as the front pair.

Limbuffs come in three sizes - Pony, Cob and Horse and in a variety of colours, blue, black, green and red.


Because of their construction and the material from which Limbuffs are manufactured they may be washed thus reducing health hazards

  • Sponge washed in hot or cold water

  • Hosed down and scrubbed

  • Hand washed

  • Machine washed at 40ºc

Then dried in any suitable hot room or airing cupboard.



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