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Due to the adjustment of the tree the rider gains much closer contact with the horse, a minimum of at least 1/2" on each of the leg flaps and about the same amount under the seat. It is undoubtedly the closest fitting tree on the market and this is due to the fact that there is far less flocking than in conventional saddles because it never has to be a compromise fit, nor does it have to make allowance, which all other saddles have to, because, of the narrow margins of fittings available, (3 fittings - Narrow, Medium and Wide) and particularly so if the horse is in between two of these available fittings.

All trees presently available are basically similar, be they, spring, fixed or fibreglass/plastic. Externally the only differences are cosmetic and this has always been the case. Manufacturers claim  "deeper seat" and "better fitting", there is however no real difference if only due to the way they are made. They claim great breakthroughs and some even " a revolution in saddlery" because they are covered in nylon or some other man-made material. The gimmicks are never-ending. The Wellep System is a breakthrough and the first genuine revolution in saddlery since the introduction of the laminated spring tree but better since it always fits your horse - yes, always.

The Wellep I.V. Spring Tree System is a major contribution to the welfare of the horse as well as being a unique and indisputable advance in saddlery, relying solely on proven and acknowledged principles. All this culminating in the rider being able to gain a better position in the saddle, which until now has been virtually impossible when the saddle never fitted the horse correctly in the first instance and no amount of cosmetic gimmickry was able to resolve this fundamental problem and allow the rider to achieve the optimum position regardless of the condition of the horse.

The Wellep System encourages riders to take a greater interest in their saddle and this helps to ensure that the saddle always fits correctly since for the first time they, the riders are able to do something positive about it and immediately, thus eliminating delays due to having to wait for an expert to re-flock the saddle.

One can now take one's favourite saddle (we all have one) with us, safe in the knowledge that it will always fit any horse, and fit it perfectly.

It will also fit your new horse and therefore there is no need to buy a new saddle.



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