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Whether a competitor or a friendly hack, the horse is an athlete and as such desires and needs the best to achieve his optimum performance. Notwithstanding the above, the horse is a living being resulting in the fact that he is able to feel, to sense and relate and therefore by the very nature of these indisputable observations he needs all possible comfort and assistance. As humans we owe it to him to take note of these sensibilities and give all possible help.

We all know how a badly fitting pair of shoes can be self-inflicted torture. We can generally all use a variety of shoe sizes, however, only one size will in fact be the correct fit for our foot size and even then we have the facility of infinite variability, via the laces. We also all know that no athlete could be expected to achieve any goal in ill fitting and badly designed equipment yet we expect our horse to perform at his optimum level with the inconvenience of an ill fitting saddle, which sadly, is the case in the majority of instances.

Unfortunately until the advent of the Wellep System we have all been guilty of this unintentional lack of sympathy to the horse, at some time or another, though there was little we could do about it due to the construction of saddles then available:

At the beginning of a season we have brought out our saddle and our horse in from grass. He is well covered - we ride him. He loses weight, he gains muscle, he becomes toned up, his shape is continually changing, as is the flocking in the saddle. This becomes compressed and continues to become compressed and indeed this has been occurring since the very first day that we proudly purchased our new saddle and had it fitted and flocked (a dying art).

From this it can easily be seen and understood that the saddle built on the conventional tree has seldom if ever fitted the horse correctly for much of the time and indeed, never will do so: by the very nature of the horse as a living creature it is continually changing its shape.

Therefore for a conventional saddle to fit properly it would need to be flocked weekly.

Such aids as saddle pads and numnahs are no substitute for a properly fitted saddle and indeed will not make a badly fitting saddle fit. They only succeed in taking the rider further from the horse thus reducing The feel of the horse, a quality so essential for sympathetic riding.


The Wellep System overcomes all of these problems. Each time one uses the saddle one is able to check its fitting and adjust, if necessary, in the same way as one does with the girth or any other piece of tack and with the loss of very little convenience or time but with great benefit to both horse and rider. This ability of being able to have a perfectly fitting saddle greatly eliminates back related injuries/problems so often due and associated with badly fitting saddles and makes saddle sores virtually a thing of the past.



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